March 2020 Corona Virus Update:

We have reviewed Governor Herbert’s recommendations today and will implement the following policy at our gym:

Classes will continue as normal. There are fewer than 50 people in the gym, even during peak hours and with many families choosing to wait until the crisis is over, our numbers are considerably less than that. However, in order to reduce the possibility of spreading sickness, we are asking that ONLY gymnasts and staff enter the building for the time being. Parents may drop kids off at the door where we will have a member of our staff greet our gymnasts. We will resume our normal spectator policy as soon as possible.

PLEASE be responsible and keep your child home when they are sick!! We know you don’t want them to miss practice (neither do they!), but not only is a sick gymnast likely to get other teammates and coaches sick, they are very likely to get injured trying to do skills their bodies simply are not capable of when sick. If they have runny nose, cough, fever, body aches, etc., just keep them home to err on the side of safety.

In an effort to keep our students and coaches healthy, please help us by encouraging the following:

1- Frequent hand washing. Please teach your child PROPER handwashing, not just a quick run of the hands under the water. We encourage handwashing when they enter the gym, after each event and as they leave the gym. 
2- Keeping hands away from the face- this is helped dramatically if they have their hair tightly pulled up so they don’t constantly brush their hair away from their faces.
3- Gymnastics is a no contact sport, and we are going to encourage a “no touching” policy. Remind them to stand 6′ away from others.
4- Healthy eating habits and plenty of sleep!!!
5- Body awareness. Encourage your daughter to honor her body. If she isn’t feeling well, she should recognize and report that.

Please know that we are sanitizing gym surfaces, including bathrooms, door handles, water fountain, mats, and gym equipment frequently. Please do the same in your home and car. Have them undress and leave clothes in the laundry or garage when they come home.

Obviously, no amount of effort protects perfectly, but hopefully with all of us working together, we can get through the rest of cold/flu season with a healthy team!!!